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Microarray Purpose, Features & Benefits

Prospective patients wishing to know a little more about the source of their allergies and how to eradicate them may wish to proceed with a little reading on what is known as the microarray. For the time being, this short note briefly highlights the purpose, features and benefits that the microarray service providers are able to provide specialist practitioners dealing with allergies. Testing advantages for medical specialists include the following. The immunotherapy portal set up for the doctors and their clinics allow them to order allergy testing kits and related immunotherapy products if and when required.

microarray service providers

The portal also provides its user with blood card collection and non-invasive finger stick sampling. Its ability to provide multiplexed microarray immunoassays helps improve accuracy, precision and results processing speeds. These and other features of the system allow doctors identifying and treating allergies and asthma to produce same day results on behalf of their patients. The microarray is a lab tool used to detect the manifestation of thousands of genes. DNA microarrays are microscope slides. These slides are also referred to as DNA or gene chips. DNA molecules attached to both sides of the slide work as probes to detect the gene expression, also known as the transcriptome.

In order to do a microarray analysis, MRNA molecules are collected. A reference sample is typically collected from a healthy subject while an experimental sample will be collected from a patient already positively diagnosed. Two MRNA samples are converted into complementary DNA. These samples are labeled with fluorescent probes of different colors. The process required to bind CDNA molecules to DNA probes is known hybridization. After this process, the microarray is scanned to measure the expression of genes on each side of the slide. If a gene’s expression is higher in an experimental sample, the warning color red occurs.